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I will never forget and always be grateful to America Debt Resolutions for helping me to payoff credit card debt that I thought I would be bounded for years and never have a decent credit report. They were wonderful and friendly all the time during this stressful time in my life. And they help me so I vowed I would never get in that situation again and will always be willing to tell others about them.
Victoria P

Here's what some of our clients are saying about their experiences with America Debt Resolutions:
​i'm so proud of being debt free thanks to you people for about 5 years now. thank you again.!
Gordod & Vanessa N.

When the financial crisis occurred a national bank that received a bail out from our federal gov't decided that I had too much debt and changed my interest rate from 5% to 22%. I had never missed a payment on a single account with them or any other. My credit was perfect. I qualified for 0% financing. I tried to negotiate, they refused. It was that company that forced me into debt settlement. Bankruptcy was not an option due to my job. America Debt Resolutions helped me get out of more than $90,000 of credit card debt and held my hand through the process the entire way.
The burden off my shoulders was huge and I am forever grateful for their help.
Meredith K.

America Debt Resolutions was my first choice and I am glad I chose them. They were very understanding and extremely helpful and the nicest people. I am on a limited budget but America Debt Resolutions did a great job in settling my debts. Thank you again for all your help. You are the greatest!
Susan M.

I came to America Debt Resolutions with over $23k in credit card debt. I had robbed Peter to pay Paul for 3 years and was barely managing to pay the interest payments. I researched the Internet in the middle of a major panic attack and finally called America Debt Resolutions. Immediately they calmed me down. Within a few hours we had a plan. I had emailed them all my debt information and they set me up with a monthly savings amount that worked for me. I threw all the money I had towards my savings and we had set up that I'd be debt free in 5 years. I worked and worked to get those credit card accounts paid off and settled in 3 years! John the credit negotiator was awesome to work with! I waited one year debt free for all the credit card offers to come in the mail again when they started rolling in I applied for a small store card. I was approved for $300 and slowly started charging small things and paying them off to build up my credit score. I have done this for almost 5 years now and am happy to say that I now have AMAZING credit thanks to ADR! I am now totally credit card debt free and in 2 years will own my own home free and clear. That is such a great feeling, especially now looking back at how doomed I felt all those years ago. I thought I'd have to file bankruptcy and would never have a thing to my name. Give ADR a chance. Work their program and let them do the worrying for you. I'm thankful for ADR every day that I sit and see how far I've come and I'm thankful that I'm debt free! 
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Mandy F.

Best decision I made! They made everything so easy and were with me every step of the way! Thank you ADR!
Angie S.

I was going through a divorce and one of the stipulations was to take over my ex wife's debt and I thought I could do it on my own. I kept getting deeper and deeper and I thought I would never get my head above water. I contacted American Debt Resolutions and from the beginning as I spoke to the representative I felt like I was going to be able to breathe again. We set up a payment plan and one by one we knocked out credit card after credit card and they always contacted me to let me know there was a settlement on the table. I now am debt free and have a substantial savings account along with a healthy 401K plan. I thank and owe it all to ADR. They made me whole again and I don't have to be embarrassed about my credit score anymore. YOU ARE THE BEST AND THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!
Brian S.

I had and am having a wonderful experience with America Debt Resolutions.
The process has been quick and easy and they are so pleasant to work with. The lady that works on my account could not be any nicer. It was a wonderful choice I made to set me on the path to straightening.
Carol R.

I had a great response team that always kept me informed of what was going on. I would not have make it through without their encouragement as well as how easy the program worked. I would recommend this program to anyone. It is a wonderful relief knowing how far I have come with their help. Thank you all for all the work you have done.  
Peggy V.

​My husband was force to retire because of illness and we had a lot of debt. America Debt Resolution was able to set up a program that helped us settled our debt in a timely manner and lower our debt by half. I would like to thank them for what they did for us, and I tell everyone that i know who is having trouble about them.
I had a great response team that always kept me informed of what was going on. I would not have make it through without their encouragement as well as how easy the program worked. I would recommend this program to anyone. It is a wonderful relief knowing how far I have come with their help. Thank you all for all the work you have done.  
Alice H.

I have been with America Debt. for about 2 years and everyone has been more then helpful. Everyone has  gone out of there way to help me get in a better spot in my LIFE! I always speak to my arbitrator she is just a lovely lady! They're all lovely LADIES! 
Wanda C.

I searched for months for a company that would be right for my husband and myself to pay off a lot of credit card debt, and after exhausting hours and hours of research, I decided to speak with America Debt Resolutions. It was between America Debt Resolutions and another company when America Debt Resolutions reached out to me to tell me what the "plan of action" would be, I knew then what company to go with. We had a plan, which was more than I'd had in months and I was excited. After just a month or two, we settled our first debt and we've settled 7 to date, and counting. America Debt Resolutions has been like an "extended family" to us. They possess the ability to take away the stresses of those nasty collection calls while maintaining a professional relationship and seriously following a strategic plan of action to take care of the debts. America Debt Resolutions truly does what they say. America Debt Resolutions cares and performs, and I would have no problem at all speaking directly with anyone who says anything different or is still on the line with their own personal decision of which company to pick. America Debt Resolutions is NOT LIKE any of the other companies out there. They separate themselves with true "grit" and "bless their hearts" a keen awareness of their mission. THEY ARE MOST CAPABLE of keeping their promises and go after settlements like they are settling their own debts. I don't know what my husband and I would have done without America Debt Resolutions and we would absolutely love to see anyone with the financial stresses and hardships that my husband and I experienced, to ALSO feel the relief that we have, and put America Debt Resolutions on their team. They will be a fantastic, motivating factor in getting your financial hardships part of your past, so you can move on, with a true bright future. Thank you America Debt Resolutions and everyone on our team! YOU ROCK.
​I have been with America Debt. for about 2 years and everyone has been more then helpful.  All have gone out of there way to help me get in a better spot in my LIFE! I always speak to Pat she is just a lovely lady! They're all lovely LADIES! 
​Tammy S.

America Debt Resolutions was very successful. With the help of America Debt Resolutions behind me 100% I was able to secure my debt with the deal they helped me get. They helped me out a lot.
Michael | NY

We were delighted to work with America Debt Resolutions. Not only was the set up process quick and easy, when we had questions we always received fast responses. America Debt Resolutions helped us gain our financial freedom in just over a year. If you are looking to get back on track, and work with a trusted company America Debt Resolutions is right for you. We thank America Debt Resolutions and all the wonderful staff for a job well done.
Makenzie S.

All I can say is that I have made the best choice in going with your company to handle my debt problems. You have certainly put my mind at ease to say the least in settling my accounts. I appreciate your program's efforts in reducing the balances instead of just lowering the interest rates as some other debt consolidation companies are doing. Thank you for your assistance in the negotiation of my debt problems and for your professionalism.
Erlinda P.

Words can't express the gratitude I feel for you and your company. When I started this debt relief program over a year ago, I had ALWAYS been a person that paid my bills and had been responsible for my debt. However, after loosing my job of 24 years, I began to lose control of my finances, I was embarrassed and ashamed. However, from the very first day I began communicating with you, each person I have dealt with as shown me tremendous dignity and respect. I am very thankful for that! You have provided me with step by step directions on how to settle my debt. I was humbled and RELIEVED when I received a call last Friday outlining how my largest debt balance would be paid off.

I want to thank you and all involved in my resolution process for assisting me in releasing my shame for my debt. This burden release is allowing me to focus on my family and reigniting my career instead of wallowing in worry and fear of how my bills are going to be paid!
My warmest regards to you and your staff!
Tolbert D.

I am so excited! John called this morning to tell me that he's been negotiating my last account -- the Bank of America and hopes to get something going there soon.

I just want to tell you how very much I appreciate all that you all have do ne for me in the past 2 1/2 years that I've been in your program. Needless to say, it hasn't been easy, but I always knew that you all were behind me. In addition to that, I've found you very pleasant to talk to and that helps a lot.
I know I'm not quite through with this situation, but at least I can see the 'light at the end of the tunnel' now.
Thank you again for all your help. I'll talk to you soon.
Frances M.

When we first started the program, we were a little leery about how this would all turn out for us. The whole idea of settlement was too good to be true. There are a billion companies right now offering to help people in these times of financial hardships. After six months of the program, we were elated when our Arbitrator called with the first offer from one of our creditors. We were truly astonished that our Arbitrator was able to get a settlement for 25% of what we owed. What a huge relief! The savings will shave months off our time with the program and set us to be debt-free much sooner! Many thanks for your hard work.
Dawn G.

We were quite surprised to get a call from you so quickly about settling one of our accounts. It was much easier than we thought it was going to be. Your negotiating skills were very professional because within minutes you settled on an amount with the creditor that we could afford. You did everything you said you were going to and responded quickly. We appreciate your help and professionalism very much.
Adele G.

I interviewed four sources and listened to what they had to say about my demise. I took many notes. When it all sorted out Mar with America Debt Resolutions was the most professional in answering my questions and making me feel that there was hope. I took all incoming tax returns and stimulus checks and placed them available for a negotiation, I communicated this to my case handler Ann (ADR), and she proceeded to set me up with my negotiator. Our Arbitrator did his job well and within a day, we had our first settlement. We had a debt of approx. $8600 and we negotiated for $3000. This was a miracle performance. I am working very hard to free up any cash so we can settle the remaining two creditors ASAP. Life can be tough in itself without the constant worry of calls, threats, mail harassing, and creditors harassing your loved ones and friends and neighbors.

I just want to thank all the staff at America Debt Resolutions for their support in this, and even though they are located in another state themselves, I feel they are right here in Ohio going through this with me.
Alex S.

I have spoke with our Arbitrator many times over the phone about situations that are going on in our financial situations. We have been treated with the upmost respect. We have had many issues arise that have been very discouraging where we have been ready to give up. Then when we talk with our Arbitrator, we feel so at ease and feel better about the current situation. We are happy that we were given our Arbitrator. We got lucky.
Thank you for all your help!
Juan S.

We were working with our negotiator for only a few months when he was successful with our biggest creditor. We were very pleased with the immediate results we got working with him. He is very professional, friendly and always keeps us updated with our accounts.
Tim F.

Received a better than expected settlement offer and saved more than $2900 which was much less than estimated. Our Arbitrator was professional and worked quickly when I was offered a payoff by the collection company and saved more by negotiating a better deal. I finished the program in 11 months instead of 32 months. I could not have expected a better outcome.
Sandy S.

I thank you kindly for all your wonderful help. My experience with America Debt Resolutions was WONDERFUL from the first call. My consultant was very sweet and thorough and made me feel confident that America Debt Resolutions was the right choice for me. Once she won over my confidence, she handed me over to my CSR who was also very PATIENT and had all the answers to my MANY questions and concerns. She always returned my calls and made a very uncomfortable situation bearable for me. Then our Arbitrator handled the settlement portion and in a VERY TIMELY manner settled my debts and I was very HAPPY with the outcome. He too, was extremely courteous and very helpful in helping me attain my goals... DEBTFREE! I would recommend America Debt Resolutions to anyone in financial distress. I have had a WONDERFUL experience and feel I made friends along the way as well. AGAIN. Thank you all!
Gina P.

America Debt Resolutions was wonderful in helping me pay off my credit cards debts. We came up with a plan that worked. I just finished paying my last loan off. I had bumps in the road with job loss and other problems and when I called them to talk about it, they still treated me like a person and with compassion. ADR realizes that not everything and everyone is perfect. They will help you through this time of debt - stress-free. They do all the talking and planning for you! It is the type of company that is rare in these times, they ACTUALLY WANT TO HELP YOU and will do whatever it takes. I would recommend America Debt Resolutions to anyone who needs this type of service.
Eileen M.

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