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2013 bad year for our family. My husband lost his job of 15 years and I was going through cancer treatment. my supervisor also fired me the week before Thanksgiving and the week before bonus checks came out. We were in a pickle. we had 8 credit cards and a few other debts. ADR worked within our budget and now we have 3 debts we are working on.

ADR have always treated us with respect and have been there for us. we are updated on the accounts still pending, monthly. the best part the phone calls stopped and going to the mailbox was no longer scary.


I had a great response team that always kept me informed of what was going on. I would not have make it through without their encouragement as well as how easy the program worked. I would recommend this program to anyone. It is a wonderful relief knowing how far I have come with their help. Thank you all for all the work you have done.

Peggy V.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about their experiences with America Debt Resolutions: ​i’m so proud of being debt free thanks to you people for about 5 years now. thank you again!

Gordod & Vanessa N.

When the financial crisis occurred a national bank that received a bail out from our federal gov’t decided that I had too much debt and changed my interest rate from 5% to 22%. I had never missed a payment on a single account with them or any other. My credit was perfect. I qualified for 0% financing. I tried to negotiate, they refused. It was that company that forced me into debt settlement. Bankruptcy was not an option due to my job. America Debt Resolutions helped me get out of more than $90,000 of credit card debt and held my hand through the process the entire way.

Meredith K.

I had and am having a wonderful experience with America Debt Resolutions. The process has been quick and easy and they are so pleasant to work with. The lady that works on my account could not be any nicer. It was a wonderful choice I made to set me on the path to straightening.

Carol R.

We were delighted to work with America Debt Resolutions. Not only was the set up process quick and easy, when we had questions we always received fast responses. America Debt Resolutions helped us gain our financial freedom in just over a year. If you are looking to get back on track, and work with a trusted company America Debt Resolutions is right for you. We thank America Debt Resolutions and all the wonderful staff for a job well done.

Makenzie S.

America Debt Resolutions was very successful. With the help of America Debt Resolutions behind me 100% I was able to secure my debt with the deal they helped me get. They helped me out a lot.


I will never forget and always be grateful to America Debt Resolutions for helping me to payoff credit card debt that I thought I would be bounded for years and never have a decent credit report. They were wonderful and friendly all the time during this stressful time in my life. And they help me so I vowed I would never get in that situation again and will always be willing to tell others about them.

Victoria P

All I can say is that I have made the best choice in going with your company to handle my debt problems. You have certainly put my mind at ease to say the least in settling my accounts. I appreciate your program’s efforts in reducing the balances instead of just lowering the interest rates as some other debt consolidation companies are doing. Thank you for your assistance in the negotiation of my debt problems and for your professionalism.

Erlinda P.

Merica Debt Resolutions was my first choice and I am glad I chose them. They were very understanding and extremely helpful and the nicest people. I am on a limited budget but America Debt Resolutions did a great job in settling my debts. Thank you again for all your help. You are the greatest!

Susan M.

I have been with America Debt. for about 2 years and everyone has been more then helpful. Everyone has gone out of there way to help me get in a better spot in my LIFE! I always speak to my arbitrator she is just a lovely lady! They’re all lovely LADIES!

Wanda C.

We were working with our negotiator for only a few months when he was successful with our biggest creditor. We were very pleased with the immediate results we got working with him. He is very professional, friendly and always keeps us updated with our accounts.

Tim F.

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