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America Debt Resolutions an A+ Rated Company, and its debt relief partners specialize in helping consumers review multiple debt relief programs, such as credit card debt consolidation, debt management, credit counseling, and includes a debt settlement program with NO FESS PAID IN ADVANCE. We guarantee you will not pay any fees for the services until our negotiators have successfully settled/resolved a debt for you

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Debt Settlement


In the early days settling debt was for wealthy prominent individuals who used this option strategically alongside with their accountant or advisor. In today’s society it is not that case any longer.

Having a team of debt negotiation professionals working on your behalf can help lower your monthly debt payments and increase savings for you and your family. Your creditors will go through a realization period with your debts; because of the card member or loan agreements you signed, each realization period varies by creditor. Some creditors work faster, and some creditors operate slower.

Once the creditors or collectors understand you are going through a hardship and they are working with professionals to help on your behalf, we will negotiate a settlement. A trained, aggressive negotiator who follows your creditors’ realization period, creditor trends, and creditor behaviors will be able to obtain better results than you could ever get yourself. Why? There are a couple of primary reasons: number one, your negotiators are not tied to your debt emotionally, and number two, they are trained on strategies, trends, behaviors, and historical data. Negotiating is what they do every workday, and they know the little essential details that make a big difference in your results and bottom line.

  • Reduce Your Total Unsecured Debt

  • Program terms available

  • Help with Collection/Creditor Calls

  • One Low Monthly Program Payment!

Resolve the Debt

Usually, creditors agree to have the borrower pay for only a percentage of their original balance – the rest will be forgiven. Your credit score will be negatively affected with settlement. It is an alternative to bankruptcy so the effects on your credit will be similar – temporarily.

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